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John White Projector Repair has been in business for many years fixing all kinds of 8mm and Super8 cine, and slide projectors. John can fix almost any model of cine or slide projector. He has extensive experience with 8mm and Super8 Cine Projectors, including Agfa, Bell & Howell, Bolex, Bauer, Elmo, Eumig, Kodak, Noris, Sankyo, and Yelco.
Many of us do not even own a VHS player anymore, let alone am 8mm or 16mm film projector. The good news is that 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film has a longer shelf life than magnetic media such as VHS or Hi8 tapes.
  • Whether you want to convert Super 8 to DVD, or 8mm, 16mm or 35mm to a digital format, we can do it for you at the quality level of a professional movie studio without the price of a professional movie studio. We offer the best digital formats to transfer your film to including DVD, Blu-Ray, MP4, AVI, MOV, ProRes, and DPX.
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    If like many you no longer possess a cine projector the best thing to do is sent your film to a specialist to transfer. We can transfer any old 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm cine film to digital, and work with thousands of families to preserve old movies.
    Short throw projector prices. Between $80 and $399: In this price range, you can expect to find short throw projectors that focus on portability over picture quality. Models in this range are light, and some even include a rechargeable battery for outdoor projector parties.
  • You may not see a flicker using clearscan and a standard projector, but the final video edit won't synch up later to a Rank transfer or a film print of your conformed film original. However, I believe you said earlier that you finish everything up on video where it lives the rest of its natural life.
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    Welcome to our web showroom of "Steve tested-and-approved" cine products that we are proud to offer the film enthusiast here at The Reel Image! Please be advised it is recommended that you contact us prior to actual purchase in order to confirm current product availability and pricing (including calculation of shipping cost to your location), as changes can occur that are sometimes beyond our ...
    We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp you need and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering. Replacementlightbulbs.com 800 Burton Avenue, Suite 107 High Point, NC 27262 336-882 ...
  • 1) regular 16mm film - used in a 16mm camera. 2) 16mm wide "Double 8" film (which was 25 feet long, when the unprocessed roll was purchased) - used in an 8mm camera . 3) 8mm film "Normal 8" - split lengthwise (During processing at the lab, the lab would split the 25 foot reel into 2 sections of 25 feet, then joined the two 25-foot lenghts. That ...
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    Home Video Studio is the worldwide leader in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film transfer. We have been transferring film since 1991 and have been in this business for over 40 years. We understand what it takes to provide you with the best transfers have transferred literally millions of feet of film.
    Many folks who are over 50 remember filming 8 mm film before video cameras arrived. A lot memories stored in these films which requires a 8mm projector to view . Now we service where a frame or more can be scanned with very high end scanner as shown in the sample pictures 1. Photo : com paring 8mm to normal slide film . 2.Photo : 8 mm frames 3.
  • (Once you buy a new bulb for your old projector.) The first step is to clean your 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm film projector's gate and sprockets to eliminate dust. If the film is not too fragile, take a photographer's negative dust brush and dust off the footage. You can use a blower brush too, but you need to discharge the static first.
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    A 16mm splicer will do for 8mm film but not for Super 8. Clean the splicer and keep it clean. Make sure the pins fit the film you are working on. This means that if you are working with shrunken film, find a splicer, like the Minette, with pins you can adjust or bend to fit the sprocket distance. Splicing tape may be difficult to find. Generac electric start pressure washer manual
    Get the best deals on Movie Projectors for 8 mm when you shop the largest online selection at eBay ... Chinon 2500GL Dual Super 8 Regular 8mm Cine Projector W/ Box ...
  • The α7C is the smallest and lightest full-frame digital interchangeable-lens camera with optical in-body image stabilisation. Breakthroughs in mechanical packaging and structural design have brought no-compromise full-frame camera performance to a new size and weight class that’s made for powerfully simple still and movie content creation.
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    The film gauges featured are mainly standard 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm. Just some of the new sections to be added over the coming months: Catalogue scans, Magazine scans, Box Artwork, Test Reports and more. Florida hunting license lookup
    Jun 02, 2020 · Chances are your old family movies are 8mm, which is half the width of 16mm. But you still need to distinguish between standard 8mm and Super 8mm reels. Standard 8mm film has sprocket holes that are larger and almost square compared to the elongated and rectangular ones on Super 8mm film. Another telltale sign is the center hole of the film ...
  • rpi-film-capture. A project to perform frame-by-frame capture of 8mm and 16mm films using a raspberry pi, the pi camera, and a modified movie projector. UPDATE 10/23/2017: Several significant updates are coming soon, which may be worth waiting for if you're just startingout.
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    1) regular 16mm film - used in a 16mm camera. 2) 16mm wide "Double 8" film (which was 25 feet long, when the unprocessed roll was purchased) - used in an 8mm camera . 3) 8mm film "Normal 8" - split lengthwise (During processing at the lab, the lab would split the 25 foot reel into 2 sections of 25 feet, then joined the two 25-foot lenghts. That ... How to get unbanned from facebook marketplace
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16mm and 35mm Sound Films. The backbone of our 16mm and 35mm film-to-digital transfer system is the Marconi B3410 CCD Line Array Telecine. The Marconi is different from a film chain like that used for 8mm formats in that It scans the film progressively, line by line, as it moves down through the gate.
Motion Picture Film Scanning (8mm, Super 8, 16mm) Cassette Tape to CD or File. Sale. Vinyl Record Transfer. Other Audio Formats. ... You can even place your order ...
Super 16mm Film Stock Apple Watch Series 6 GPS, 40mm Blue Aluminum Case. Film Soundtrack formats: 16mm Optical, 16mm Magnetic Mono, Stereo, 16mm Center-track or 4-track 35mm Optical Sound Mono/Stereo with Dolby A/SR, 35mm Magnetic Full coat, 3-Stripe, 4-track, or 6-track Sound on Film (Optical / or Magnetic) – $0.
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I had googled 16mm print of Blue Thunder, hoping to find film stock information and other details. It just seems so rare in 16mm. I think by the time it came out the 16mm prints were dying out. I still can't believe they once showed 16mm on airplanes, even scope. I never saw one on a plane. I used to book 16mm films for my college in Wisconsin.
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Optical was more common on 16mm film, and is easy to spot because it looks like a band of clear film with an image of a audio wave running down the entire strip. Currently, we are unable to process magnetic 16mm film. Here is a closeup shot of 16mm film with a visible optical strip on the right side of the film.
The objective of the Cine Film Projector Blog is we want to educate Customers on, is the operational running of 8mm Cine Film Projectors Today in 2016 and how these Projectors can potentially damage your precious Cine Films for a number of reasons, Now you may be thinking as you have or may have been told that your projector is a Bell & Howell - Sankyo - Eumig - Prinz Magnon Etc the make doesn ...
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If you are anything like me and my loved ones, your remembrances are very valuable, and you would like to keep them as secure as you can. Possibilities are if you own movie fishing reels, VHS footage, or footage, you know that these products can become less and less efficient over time!

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projector movies projector 16mm overhead projector film projector film glass 82v 360w fast fold screen ... and you can find similar products at ... Google Play App ... 2 days ago · If you need a movie projector for 8mm - super-8 or 16mm film you have come to the right place. There are always lots of rebuilt, refurbished & guaranteed 8mm, super-8 and 16mm movie projectors available.

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This donated clean projector is for a non-profit Senior Railroad group in New York, these good folks shot films of trips 40+ years ago, if you can help it would be great... IT MAY BE SIMPLE, WI Check for a switch that says "sound" and "silent."If it's a sound film, it will play the sound in both modes, but the film runs slower in "silent" mode. ...

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EIKI offers industry-leading projector ceiling mounts that minimize installation time, simplify maintenance and offer integrated security. A full line of accessories from ceiling plates and structural adapters to power accessories and extension columns is also available . Take a close look at the picture by clicking on it to enlarge and then you will be able to see how you can tell which film you have. A Regular 8mm projector will not play Super 8 movie film. A Super 8 projector will not play Regular 8mm movie film. A DUAL 8 projector will play both Super 8 and Regular 8 movie film.

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